On-Demand Beauty and Saloon Services App Development

Fuel your early growth and bring instant gratification among customers seeking beauty services.

Key features Of On Demand Beauty Service App

Some of the prominent features we incorporate

  • 1
    Display and Manage Your Services

    This feature is available on the service provider’s app. In this the service provider/salon owner can display and manage all the services which he/she provides. On one hand, this feature acts as a portfolio for the service provider. While on the other hand, it provides various options for the users to choose from.

  • 2
    Manage Availability

    This feature is for service provider as he/she can manage their availability. A salon owner can manage and assign different tasks to its different employees based on their availability. A freelancer can show his/her availability on the app according to which the users can book for the services

  • 3
    Provide Combo Offers

    In this feature the service provider/salon owner can provide various lucrative deals to customers. They can offer a combo of two or three services at a discount. This feature helps the service providers to add more options for the users. This feature is surely an arrow in the quiver for the service providers.

  • 4

    In this section the user can fill all the details of the allergies if he/she has any. This will prevent cases in which doctor prescribes medication to which the patient is allergic, causing harm.

  • 5
    Pay in Multiple Currencies

    This is a unique feature which is for both service providers as well as for the users. Using this feature the customer can pay in any currency. However, the rates are as per Euro and it converts the price to your desired currency as per the conversion rate. This feature gets updated every 24 hours to calibrate the current currency conversion rate.

  • 6
    Book, Cancel and Reschedule Your Booking

    This feature is solely available for the users. It empowers them as they can book any service they like. Similarly, in any case of emergency the users can cancel or reschedule the appointment at some other time. This feature helps the users to enjoy such tremendous flexibility as far as booking of a service is concerned.

  • 7
    Offer Introductory Promo Codes

    This feature is for the admin side. The admin of this panel can provide exciting offers for both the service providers as well as the customers. For example, they can offer 50% off & 50% bonus for the first 5 appointments for both users and service providers respectively. These offers would surely increase the app downloads.

  • 8
    Earn and Redeem Loyalty Points

    This app also allows a chance to obtain referral bonuses. All you got to do is refer your friends to download this app. Once he/she downloads it, you will be rewarded with a referral bonus. You can gain these referrals every time you refer it to your friend. Apart from this, you can also gain various loyalty points and redeem it as per your wish.

Convertible Features Of Our Beauty App

Some of the prominent features we incorporate

Beauty App Service
Seamless Setup

We seamlessly set up everything to make the platform accessible to both customers, beauticians, and salon owners.

Beauty App Service
Multilingual Feature

The app can change its language as per the choice of users that makes it highly scalable with a worldwide reach.

Beauty App Service
Estimated Time of Arrival

ETA feature allows users to stay updated on the arrival time of the assigned beautician and estimate his arrival.

Beauty App Service

You can track the beautician’s location in real-time & estimate the arrival time.

Beauty App Service
Digital Payments

Make easy payments by choosing the desired payment option among the available.

Beauty App Service
Ratings & Reviews

You can rate & review a salon and also read the reviews that other customers leave.

Beauty App Service
History Tracking

Customers can track the services availed earlier in the record to check service history.

Beauty App Service
Booking Management

Salon owners can track & manage appointments made by the clients.

Beauty App Service
Profile Management

Beauticians can create profiles for users to check and decide further action.

Beauty App Service
SMS Authentication

Customers receive an OTP on the registered number/email address for verification.

Beauty App Service
In-App Chatting

Customers can chat with the respective beautician to get answers to their queries.

Why Us?

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We are a team of tech experts who know how to utilize technology and combine it with the solutions being designed.

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Our solutions are cost-effective and do not burn a hole in your pocket without compromising with the quality.

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We design custom solutions to meet unique needs of modern day businesses and make them suit the venture.

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Smart Job Management

You can manage all your jobs and functions from a single admin dashboard without fragmenting them at any stage.

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Your App, Your Brand

Launch your Uber like app and create your own brand name with your brand logo.

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Smart Job Allocation

Manage your entire software through a single admin dashboard.

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