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Features Of Doctor Appointment Booking App Development

Our online doctor appointment booking app allows you to book or schedule appointments with doctors and physicians anytime. We provide exclusive features to help you streamline your appointments.

Patient App Main Screen
  1. Easy Login

    The patients can easily log in to the Scheduling app and create a profile by adding details.

  2. Search Nearby Doctors

    The patients can search for nearby doctors in their locality based on their speciality.

  3. Book or schedule appointments

    The patients can book or schedule an appointment with the Doctor easily through the app.

  4. Schedule House calls

    The patients can also ask or schedule a virtual call for online consultations.

  5. In-App Chat

    In-App chat facilitates communication of medical problems by the patients and prescriptions or any treatment details by doctors.

  6. Upload Medical Reports

    The patients can upload their medical reports, treatment histories on the app for future reference.

  7. Review

    The patients can rate their doctor consultation experiences and give reviews.

  8. Set favourite Doctor

    Add your favourite doctors to favourites to quickly book appointments in the future.

  9. In-App Payments

    Patients can easily make doctor consultation payments directly from the app.

  1. Create profile

    The doctors can log in to the app and create a Professional Profile.

  2. Set Availability

    The doctors can set their status as available or not on the app for booking appointments.

  3. Shifting Appointments & Cancellations

    Doctors can postpone or cancel any appointments because of a busy schedule and notify patients by SMS and Email.

  4. Waiting Room

    The feature automatically queues the patients and announces the next patient for an efficient OPD Queue Management.

  5. Color-Coded Calendar Views

    The patients can view their appointment status in a colour-coded calendar view. A unique colour for each appointment status.

  6. Notifications

    The app automatically sends email and text reminders to patients after booking appointments.

  7. Email & Text Reminders

    Automatic appointment alerts to remind of the scheduled appointments.

  8. Reviews

    Doctors can display reviews by their happy customers and patients on the app to promote new bookings.

  1. Manage Doctors

    Manage details of doctors, their location, and their appointment charges.

  2. Manage Patients

    Manage details of patients and verification to avoid fraudulent transactions and bookings.

  3. Manage Bookings

    Manage and streamline booking slots necessary for smooth function.

  4. Authentication

    The admin can block unverified Doctor or patient profiles.

On Demand Doctor App Models that Suits Everyone

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For Clinics

Offer remote appointment facilitates to your patients and manage all the appointments easily with an on-demand doctor app.

For Hospitals

Streamline your tasks, and save huge cost and time while optimizing your appointment functionality with doctor appointment app development.

For Startups

We create and deliver custom and budget-friendly doctor appointment apps that can cater to all your needs and make you profitable.

Key Benefits application development services

Nothing could be better than having access to the best possible healthcare professionals in a single tap by our doctor on-demand mobile application services. Soumya IT Solution provides the at Customizable Features and Unlimited Possibilities.

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Pre-Packaged Solution

A ready to established doctor on-demand application service for a faster time to market, without a significant time or money.

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On-Premise Implementation

Our doctor on-demand application is conveyed on your private servers to give full command over the significant data generated.

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Domain Proficiency

Grasp doctor on-demand application from the pioneer among the industry for better solutions.

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Accept Payments Globally

Presence of new-gen popular payment gateways and easy addition of new ones as per the business needs.

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In-built User Experience

Nicely designed doctor on-demand application development and web interfaces to offer an astonishing client experience to all the users.

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Flexible and Robust

Presence of uttermost flexibility in our doctor on-demand application services with the option to upgrade capacity according to the necessities.

Complete Range of On-Demand Doctor App Development Solutions by Soumya IT Solution

The doctor on-demand app by Soumya IT Solution provides complete solution and comes with set of tools that facilitates the users in a great way. With us you can demand it for the major platforms such as Web, iOS, and Android. Our online doctor booking apps work fine on all the devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart tvOS, and others. With us you can get the solutions like-

Our on-demand doctor app solutions core parts include-

App for Patients

it includes the features such as appointment booking, consultation fee submission, medicine purchase, in-app chat and many other features.

App for Doctors

uploading prescriptions, alternative medicine prescription, appointment approval, status toggle, in-app chat and several other features.

Web Admin Panel

It facilitates the admin or hospital in charge to control the overall app activity and other tasks.

You will find all core parts in your app, although you can also demand the following from us as we have ample experience in developing on-demand healthcare apps.

Soumya IT Solution
Doctor iOS App
Soumya IT Solution
Android Doctor App
Soumya IT Solution
Cross-Platform Mobile Apps for Doctors
Soumya IT Solution
Doctor Website
Soumya IT Solution
Doctor Web Panel
Soumya IT Solution
Patient iOS App
Soumya IT Solution
Patient Android App
Soumya IT Solution
Patient Hybrid App
Soumya IT Solution
Patient Login
Soumya IT Solution
Patient Home Panel
Simply you can understand it as the doctor’s and patient’s app comes in combination and can be managed with admin web panel. The admin can look overall activities via admin panel. With us you will get the most secure solution so there will be no issue of user safety and data privacy.
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