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Empower your healthcare teams and hospital operations to drive elevated patient care with our hospital management system.

Our Hospital Management Software Development Services

Successive Digital accelerated digital transformation by providing well-integrated and customizable healthcare management ERP solutions for healthcare facilities. Explore our wide range of services for providers of all sizes.

Smart Operations Management

We develop HMS solutions for the overall efficient management of critical routine tasks at the healthcare facility. The tool enables easy management of the workforce duty allocation through automatic optimization of the workforce.

Intelligent Document Processing

Successive’s comprehensive IDP solutions foster operational efficiency across departments to effortlessly handle the admission to discharge-journey. The software provides hassle-free real-time bed management, smart admission, and discharge documentation.

Outpatient Department Management ( OPD)

Our strategic consultants’ design and develop a robust and reliable OPD management system that can be integrated with legacy software. The OPD systems personalize the patient’s experience with a dedicated portal to automate their care-connected outpatient ecosystem.

Online Prescription & Billing

Our e-prescription and billing software streamlines billing and financial record management and provides healthcare facilities with the convenience of managing patients’ diagnostic reports. The software simplifies healthcare by easy e-invoicing and SMS prescriptions to patients.

Pharmacy/ Lab/ Inventory Management

We develop a centralized portal that handles inward and outward stock, intelligent reporting, usage graphs, and more. The platform is self-manageable and keeps track of daily consumables and essential items to manage medication stock easily.

Patient Response System

Successive’s HIMS facilitates easy access and retrieval of patient data relevant to each care protocol on a single screen to capture the improvement status easily. The platform provides monthly push notifications for improvement level surveys, service feedback, and loyalty enrolments.

Explore the Benefits of our Custom Hospital Management System

Our hospital management systems are dynamic and highly driven by the purpose, as they provide the flexibility to roll out the HMS strategy as per the facility’s needs. Explore the benefits of our award-winning HMS solutions.

Improved Patient Experience

Successive’s seasoned HMS professionals provide bespoke solutions as per the business needs to better the patient and clinician experience without barriers in communication.

Effective Resource Management

Depending on your resource management needs, we cover and develop all the modules to automate and increase the efficiency of your workflows.

Actionable Data Insights

Our HMS provides actionable data insights into the healthcare episodes and streamlines the inside operations, using these insights to improve your organization's experiences, care, and financial outcomes.

Cross-Department Communication

Our advance health digital health HMS tools channel communication across departments by maximizing the healthcare operational management and automating critical tasks.

Centralized Processing

As a leading HMS service provider, Successive helps organizations break down data silos by providing the centralized processing of all healthcare information and processes.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Successive’s HMS tools help hospitals save high costs by streamlining the overall administrative and operational tasks, reducing the time and effort required to complete them.

Hospital Management Software (HMS) Functionalities We Design and Deliver

Our hospital management software development company can help you deploy a new bespoke HMS product and implement new features to your existing platform. These functionalities can be developed with the help of mixed technology: a custom hybrid solution with cloud, IoT, DevOps, and/or web-based/mobile platforms according to your exact situation and objectives.

Bed Management

With this custom functionality, hospital administrators can:

  • Plan and track the availability of vacant beds in their medical facilities
  • Ensure that they possess sufficient bed reserves for successful inpatient care
  • Prepare their hospitals to operate under stressful conditions of seasonal disease outbreaks and other expected or unexpected situations
  • Make reports and projections on bed occupation while executing all associated asset-planning and acquisitions.

General Hospital Administration

HIMS (Hospital Information Management Software) can help chief medical officers and hospital administrative staff with the following:

  • Gain a helicopter view over all hospital processes and assets
  • Build consolidated reports on medical inventory stocks
  • Plan and track hospital resources, including utilities, waste, laundry, and meals
  • Manage clinical data and monitor hospital performance metrics
  • Schedule oversight of healthcare specialists, hospital premises, operating rooms, and medical equipment
  • Establish secure data exchange across hospital departments and external healthcare organizations like insurance companies
  • Manage regulatory compliance as demanded by local and national law.

Pharmaceutical Supply Management

Our hospital management software developers are ready to help you build exciting features and capabilities into your system:

  • Control stock levels and turnover of medications, supplies, and instruments in hospital storage
  • Refill hospital pharma product stock automatically with electronic medical supply orders and auto-generated invoices sent directly to pharmaceutical suppliers according to bespoke protocols
  • Restock essential medical supplies on time; plan pharmacy inventory and stocks over a prolonged period to ensure stable supply for your hospital
  • Manage patient insurance claims and collaborate with an array of healthcare stakeholders on processing
  • Integrate with automated dispensation and other hi-tech tools used in hospitals
  • Avoid dangerous medication shortages and costly overstocking with the help of smart notifications and alerts sent to hospital pharmacists and other department managers

Pathology Lab Management

Hospital laboratory and pathology research departments require high-end software solutions like LIMS to:

  • Transform in-hospital pathology research workflows from analog/paper-based to predominantly digital workflows
  • Empower pathologists in the management of patient pathology tests and other files (e.g., radiology and histopathology slides) within hospital workflows
  • Manage and exchange pathology-related files across the hospital departments and provide access to authorized external users
  • Offer downloadable and printable electronic copies of diagnostic readings for patients and family members.

Patient Profile Management

Patient CRM/hospital patient relationship-management systems help you achieve a wide spectrum of objectives:

  • Maintain accurate patient status records
  • Design individualized patient treatment plans
  • Analyze, store, and access medical test results
  • Track patient feedback and healthcare experience
  • Measure patient satisfaction and rehabilitation efficiency rate
  • Manage patient admissions, readmissions, and discharges
  • Integrate and synchronize with EHR/EMR software.

Medical Staff Management

HR management in hospitals is a series of tedious activities that can be automated via:

  • Electronic records for physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other personnel
  • Computer-aided medical staff recruitment and payroll processes
  • Medical staff scheduling capabilities integrated with web portals, hospital mobile apps, and other systems, connecting staff members with each other
  • Work hour calculators, shift schedulers, and notifications for hospital staff
  • Information management for vacations, days off, and sick/maternity leaves
  • Custom-designed automated human resource reports providing insights into hospital staff department heads and activities
  • Performance assessment of medical specialists and administrative employees
  • Billing, invoicing, and other payroll functionalities as established in specific healthcare facilities.

Outpatient Department Management

This hospital management module can include a wide range of remote monitoring and telehealth applications and components:

  • Telemedicine solutions with cloud computing and innovative AR/VR features provided by special third-party platforms through APIs
  • Integrations with IoT-powered medical devices installed in patient homes
  • Wearables and a variety of pro-grade or consumer-grade mobile devices such as connected thermometers, adhesive biosensors, and more
  • Video surveillance solutions for supervising seniors and alternatively-abled people at home
  • Automated medical emergency signalizations and SOS buttons in smartphones, watches, and mobile applications.

Hospital Data Visualization

Smart clinical activity management requires a lot of data analysis. We can help you develop data visualization and data-mining functionality for HMS:

  • Benefit from all types of medical data visualizations, including pie charts, Gantt charts, bubble charts, bar charts, and many more
  • Visual reporting tools integrated with hospital ERP or CRM systems for data views consolidated from a wide range of resources according to the patient’s custom algorithm and plan
  • Task-management visualizations, including task trees, nested task hierarchies, electronic calendars, and more
  • Exportable, downloadable, auto-generated reports, tables, and datasheets for a variety of medical specialists.
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