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Some of the prominent features we incorporate

  • 1
    Registration and logging in

    The person can register by using their email account or phone number or via social media accounts – Facebook or Twitter and can thus log in.

  • 2

    The person can make necessary changes and can customize his/her profile accordingly.

  • 3

    This option would assist the person to share the required content on social media platforms.

  • 4
    Push notifications

    This feature would assist the person/user to know if there are any likes or comments, etc.

  • 5
    Create video

    The user can create a video and can thus save it.

  • 6
    Edit video

    The user can edit and can save the video by applying effects such as animation, etc.

  • 7
    Upload the video

    The user can upload the video using the feature.

  • 8
    Add filter

    The user can make use of the feature to make the video more interesting and appealing.

  • 9

    It eases the users to connect with the other users regarding other conversations or topics.

  • 10

    We build a simple user interface so that it would be easy for the users to navigate and search for the videos that they are looking for.

  • 11
    Removing mess

    It is always better not to mess/overcrowd buttons, images, and stuff on the screen.

  • 12
    Filters and effects

    This feature can be utilized to add more elements to the video and etc.

  • 13
    Lessen load

    In order to avoid uninstalling the app and as such the load (cognitive load) must be less.

  • 14

    This feature can be utilized by the users and appropriate reactions can be given by the users and can be shared so that everyone can view it.

Convertible Features Of Our TikTok App Clone

Some of the prominent features we incorporate

TikTok Clone
Dubbing & Video Selfie

Users can record custom audio-dubbed video performances easily by banking on this feature.

TikTok Clone
Audio Selection

Users can either upload original tracks or choose from their favorite segments for creating an audio-visual Dubsmash post.

TikTok Clone
Create Your Own Channel

Be it 'friends only' or the 'public at large, users can easily create and manage their channel according to their target audience.

TikTok Clone

Users can share it all on their own or a friend's profile through stickers, texts, etc., to add to their content's unique flair.

TikTok Clone
News Feed

Users' news feed gets constantly updated with the latest posts shared by the channels they follow, based on their preferences.

TikTok Clone
Multi Picture or Video Sharing

Users can share both dubbed music video and media content under set categories on popular social media channels for more views.

TikTok Clone
Group Chat

App users can create groups with others to exchange messages and media content like pictures and videos.

TikTok Clone
Media Attachment

Users of the app can easily share music-dubbed videos and pictures with groups, specific users, or social media profiles.

TikTok Clone
Report User

Users can report suspicious profiles, users, and channels for maintaining the quality of content shared over the platform.

TikTok Clone
PCI Compliant

An app monetization feature assures PCI compliance to avoid legal issues while accepting in-app purchases.

TikTok Clone
Pre-built Video Dubbing

Leverage our pre-built video dubbing tiktok clone script to build the best social video selfie solution from scratch.

TikTok Clone

Our TikTok clone can be customized for the users depending on specific locations and currency preferences.

TikTok Clone
Referral & promotions

Our TikTok Clone solution is integrated with interesting referrals, encouraging more and more users.

TikTok Clone
Track Transactions

Creators of the TikTok Clone app can view and keep track of all transactions, whether they send or receive coins.

TikTok Clone
Recharge Wallet

Get your in-app wallet recharged by card or any other net baking method allowing users to spend coins.

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Industry Experience

We use extensive expertise to assist clients with everything required to develop a successful TikTok clone app.

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Open Source Code

In our package, we provide clients with open-source code, allowing them to modify the app at any time.

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Deliver a seamless experience to your customers by launching a Tiktok clone app compatible with all platforms.

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Scalable Solution

Take your entertainment services business to the next level with our solutions offering unmatched scalability.

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Super-Quick Launch

Just feel free to share your unique ideas with us. We will evaluate them and put them to work for a faster launch.

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Dependable Support

Get in touch with our technical support team for issues with your app and get them resolved timely.

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