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Are You Searching For A Top-Notch Medicine Delivery App Development Company To Build Online Medicine Delivery App? Your Search Ends Here. Boost Your Pharmacy Business With Our Customized Medicine Delivery App Development Services.

Medicine Delivery App Advanced Features

At Soumya IT Solution, our team of medicine app delivery experts offers a wide range of user-centric features to enhance user experience.

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Store Tracking

Keep a check on the inventory of medicines and other supplies with the help of automated system. The application that we create makes use of intelligent algorithms for managing and maintaining the inventory of the store for seamless user experiences.

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Cloud Management

To ensure the storage of ample medicine and customer-centric data seamlessly, we make use of the cloud-based database management system. The cloud-based system stores ample amount of information on the go.

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Payment Integration

Through our state-of-the-art pharmacy app development solutions, we aim at delivering the ease of ordering and paying for medicines for customers. Therefore, we ensure seamless payment integrations with multiple payment gateways for optimum results.

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Expert Advice

Shopping for medicines can be a daunting process for many out there. In such a case, we come up with a dedicated expert section in the app. Users can use the same to get expert opinion on specific medicines.

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Refined & Filtered Search

In our comprehensive pharmacy app development solutions, we deliver access to multiple filters for users to search for exactly what they want. We maintain a huge database of medicine-specific information to ensure the same.

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CRM Management

We come up with top-notch pharmaceutical CRM software solution for saving as well as obtaining everything about the inventory and customers. We are committed to delivering unmatched user experiences through our applications.

How Does the Medicine Delivery App Work?

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  • Medicine Delivery App
    Sign Up

    Users register on the medicine delivery app to search for pharmacies and order necessary medications.

  • Medicine Delivery App
    Browse Medications

    Customers explore the available medications, add prescriptions, and browse health products on the app.

  • Medicine Delivery App
    Place Order

    After selecting the required items, users checkout, choose a payment method and place the order for delivery.

  • Medicine Delivery App
    Pharmacy Processing

    The pharmacy receives the order, verifies prescriptions, and prepares the medications for delivery.

  • Medicine Delivery App

    A designated delivery person collects the medications and delivers them to the customer, with real-time tracking available on the app.

  • Medicine Delivery App
    Ratings & Feedback

    Customers can provide feedback on the accuracy of prescriptions, delivery speed, and overall service.

Our Comprehensive Medicine Delivery App Development Services

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    Medicine Delivery App Development

    Soumya IT Solution is a leading pharmacy app development company ensuring you a fast and seamless process of ordering medicine online. Search for the required medicines, upload prescriptions, get expert counselling, and search for alternatives –all at a single place.

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    POS Application/Software

    At Soumya IT Solution, we provide access to powerful POS software solutions for managing sales and purchases at multiple pharmacy stores. Experience role-based data sharing, faster billing, and real-time synchronization capabilities with the application or the website.

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    Inventory Management Software

    Analyse and share status of medicine inventory while ordering requests, alternative brands, shipment details, and new products. As a leading medicine app development company, we ensure AI-powered integrations for improved procurement management, inventory forecasts, and automatic pricing updation.

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    Pharmaceutical CRM Software

    We build cloud-based CRM pharmaceutical CRM solutions for managing the databases of customers, patients, pharmacies, and healthcare professionals. Our CRM software offers insight into the ongoing orders, payment status, and inventory for streamlining the pharmaceutical operations.

  • 05

    Supply Chain Management Software

    Our software solutions can streamline the entire supply chain process –right from tracking order deliveries to managing demand & supply of medicines, and maintaining inventory with the help of the all-in-one supply chain management software solution.

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Why Choose Soumya IT Solution For Medicine Delivery App Development?

Being regarded as the best pharmacy delivery app development company, Soumya IT Solution holds an experienced team of healthcare app developers having expertise in designing all types of medicine app development solutions. Our team of medicine delivery app developers also follows all regulatory compliance in relation to different nations across the globe.

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