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Looking for the best token development company to craft your tokens? Enter the crypto world and launch your own token by holding hands with Soumya IT Solution. Our eminent team of blockchain developers assists you in creating your token on top of trending blockchain platforms like Ethereum and more!

Token Development Solution Types We Create

Our token development solutions provide you with the ability to integrate different use cases into crypto tokens. We believe that defining a token’s functionality forms a business’s soul.

  • Security Tokens

    Security tokens represent rights of ownership, value transfer, and promise of returns of external assets (digital/physical) registered on the blockchain.

  • Utility Tokens

    Utility tokens offer several functions to holders, including spending and voting capabilities that businesses can utilize to maintain their market value.

  • Asset Tokens

    Asset tokens represent digital and physical assets as blockchain entries without much utility, similar to ownership documentation in the real world.

  • Equity Tokens

    Equity tokens represent shares of the underlying assets, similar to share bonds in the real world, entitling holders to changes in the assets’ value.

Our Token Development Services

We excel in offering crypto token development using various token standards. Now working with a range of novel fungible token standards becomes easy with our professionals!



ERC-20 is the Ethereum-native fungible token standard which businesses can use for various uses and tap into the world’s biggest Web3 community.


BEP-20 is the fungible token standard on the BNB Chain which comes with lower transaction costs and higher processing speeds, aiding businesses.


Tron’s fungible token standard allows ventures to take advantage of the network’s diverse user community by offering various functionalities.


Bitcoin’s BRC-20 token standard enables users to create and distribute tokens on the world’s biggest crypto network, opening up opportunities.


Solana-based SPL standard provides a wide range of features for businesses aiming to tap into a growing decentralized ecosystem for various apps.

Token Bundles

The Cardano-native token standard allows one to create both fungible and non-fungible tokens on the network, providing added functionalities.


Algorand’s ASA standard allows fungible and divisible crypto tokens for various applications to be developed on the eco-friendly blockchain.


The token standard of the NEAR Protocol allows one to create fungible tokens for usage across various decentralized business applications on it.


Tezos’ FA1.2 token standard enables ventures to create smart contract interfaces for token transactions for applications on the Tezos blockchain.

Multi-dimensional Features of Our Crypto Token Development

As a leading token development company, we care about how we create crypto tokens. Here are the elements we provide as part of our token development services.

Token Minting

Our developers can mint your crypto tokens on a blockchain you wish using state-of-the-art technologies based on your individual business requirements.

Token Listing

We can list your tokens on many leading crypto exchanges after the token development process is over to put your venture in the market’s limelight.

Wallet Compatibility

The crypto token development campaigns we undertake focus on making token development solutions compatible with most of the popular crypto wallets out there.

Capped Supply

In case you want to have a limited token supply, we can set a token cap based on your needs and ensure no tokens are minted after the capped value.

Token Pause

We can employ pausing techniques to halt your token minting to ensure not all tokens exist simultaneously, ensuring their market value is preserved.

Token Burning

We can utilize token-burning operations to remove excess tokens from the market, driving their value based on scarcity while ensuring optimal supply exists.

Our Crypto Token Development Encompasses These Applications

As a renowned crypto token development company, we provide many applications that bring tokens to the digital world. Be it for existing or upcoming ventures; these use cases can accelerate them to the top of the market.


We can create fungible tokens that serve digital monetary purposes inside decentralized applications with added utilities, such as governance rights.


Our stablecoin creation enables us to develop monetary tokens backed by various real-world assets that keep their market value stable at all times.


Initial Coin Offering (ICO) tokens can be used by new Web3 ventures to build brand awareness and community funding to commence business operations.


Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) tokens can help ventures to gain initial trust by getting launched by a crypto exchange to create brand recognition.


Initial DEX Offering (IDO) tokens can be used by startups to raise funds and build a community without intermediaries using decentralized exchanges.


We create tokens for Security Token Offerings (STO) backed by real-world assets that use decentralized applications for launching fundraising campaigns.


Initial Game Offering (IGO) tokens enable Web3 gaming ventures to gain their community while building hype around their new gaming applications.


Tokens in Equity Token Offering (ETO) represent shares in a company similar to real-world share bonds, creating digital interfaces for share markets.


Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) tokens are listed on decentralized crypto exchanges (DEXs), enabling businesses to raise funds through direct trades.


Initial Farm Offering (IFO) tokens enable ventures to gain investor trust by hosting pre-sales in a DEX before listing for trade to the general public.

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