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Top-notch Snake and Ladder Game Features

Integrating the amazing features is essential to Snakes and Ladder app development. Our company has skilled Snake and Ladder game development teams to provide you with a feature-rich mobile app.

First Time Login Bonus

When a user logins into the app for the first time, he instantly gets a big welcome bonus.

Play with Real Money Online

For gambling lovers, our developed game contains an online section where users can play games for real money.

24/7 Support

This feature instantly connects users to the admins to solve their problems.

Invite & Play with Your Friends

Please invite your friends to play with you; this feature allows users to invite their friends or anyone through the invite option.

Easy Deposit & Withdrawals

We integrate the best payment gateways to provide your user with seamless withdrawals and deposits.

History of the Game and Withdrawal

You can see which games you have played in the past few days and how much money you have won or lost.

Feature Snake And Ladder Game Admin Panel

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Admin Dashboard
Admin Dashboard

The user-friendly administrator dashboard allows you to track your game's performance, keep an eye on critical metrics and update your players.

Game settings and management
Game settings and management

Soumya IT Solution offers an admin panel where you can manage your website games. You can change passwords, add new users, import data, upgrade the game, add new games, and much more.

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Game's Performance

You can keep track of the number of installs, active users, retention rate, sessions per DAU, average time spent in-game, total revenue, and monetization model.

User Management
User Management

Soumya IT Solution User Management tool makes it easy for you to manage all your site users. It provides you with centralized, easy-to-use control for creating, modifying, and updating all your users. Be it any type of user role.

Leader Board Management
Leader Board Management

Leader Board is a simple way to rank your players by several achievements. Leader Board provides gamers to measure their game success, find out top earners, and observe game winners. Showcase the players' social influence and achievements on the leaderboard to engage the audience and drive more payers to play more often.

Payment and wallet Management
Payment and wallet Management

Soumya IT Solution admin panel features a Payment and wallet Management service, which will let you know how many coins have been bought and redeemed by the users. This is a great way to understand the buying behavior of your customers.

Chip Management
Chip Management

The Soumya IT Solution admin panel allows you to game the system by adding to your chip balance. It also allows you to see how to earn additional chips daily or by redeeming them from the e-shop.


Soumya IT Solution is a strong and stable team of PHP developers, experts in creating PHP modules for online gaming projects for beginners and experts. We make the most complicated and effective gaming platforms for our clients. With the help of the essential scoreboard plugin, your gaming website can be turned into a scoreboard, displaying the score and all information about the players.

Cater To Your On Demand Snakes & Ladders Game Challenges

Being a Turn key Snakes & Ladders Game Provider, Soumya Technology thrives on White Label Solutions and delivers rich games to clients. Our services are such that we focus both on future trends as well as clients’ priorities to ensure users get an exceptional playing experience. Plan your app now!

Connection & Reconnection

We built custom server architectures to fix connection issues due to low data speed, device toggling, etc.

Immediate Bug Fixing

Understanding the importance of bug fixing, our developers get onto the task as soon as possible.

Timely Delivery, Every time

Soumya IT Solution teams work in tandem based on milestones to deliver games on or before deadlines.

Get Competitive Costing

We thoroughly analyze client requirements before providing a legitimate quote.

White Label Solutions

With several ready-to-launch solutions, we will be able to get you a readymade application in no time!

Server Architecture Documentation

Each game we develop comes with all vital documentation for an easy future scaling process.

Game Bots

We offer bots to help you during your new game’s user base generation phase.

Extended Maintenance & Support

Catering to enforce game integrity, we provide longer maintenance and support when requested.

Concurrent users

Our custom server architecture handles high concurrent user scenarios without any third-party tools.


When clients plan to add features/functionalities, we make all the adaptations to ensure simple scalability.

Utilizing Latest Technologies

Soumya IT Solution stays ahead with the latest global technologies for reliable and stable game development.

Established Company You Can Trust

With 14+ years of experience, we’ve worked with top gaming brands like MPL, A23, and 3 Plus Games.

Why Choose Us for Snake And Ladder Game Development

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Smart Solutions

Analysis of our client’s Requirements

Quality Game Programmers

Wireframing & Designing the app

24*7 Technical Support

Coding the app

Experience Designers Team

Application testing, 100% bug-free

Best Game Studio

Deploy(App Launch) to App Stores

Flexible And Customized Solutions

App available for users

Work Done with

Our Clients