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Soumya IT Solution Develop an online Teer game with intuitive user interface, real-time gameplay, customizable betting options, and leaderboard integration. This game can be played online on the Website, or on mobile Apps for Android and iOS.

Our Teer Game Development Features

We provide many comprehensive admin Dragon Tiger game features to enable admins to manage the game and everything from the admin panel more efficiently. These features allow you to make all necessary changes or add-ons in the game smoothly without notifying the users.

Registration and User Profiles

Allow users to register for an account and create their profiles. This enables them to track their progress, scores, and achievements.

Gameplay Modes

Offer different gameplay modes such as single-player, multiplayer, and tournaments. Single-player mode could involve shooting targets for points, while multiplayer mode can allow players to compete against each other in real-time.

Realistic Graphics and Physics

Implement realistic graphics and physics to simulate the experience of playing teer. This includes realistic arrow trajectories, target behavior, and environmental effects.

Customization Options

Provide players with customization options for their characters, bows, arrows, and other elements of the game. This can include different bow types, arrow designs, and character appearances.

Leaderboards and Rankings

Include leaderboards to display the top players based on their scores, accuracy, and other metrics. This encourages competition and allows players to compare their performance with others.

Social Integration

Integrate social features such as sharing achievements, inviting friends to play, and competing with friends' scores. This helps in increasing user engagement and retention.

In-Game Currency and Rewards

Implement an in-game currency system that players can earn through gameplay or purchase with real money. Use this currency to unlock upgrades, customization options, and other rewards.

Progression System

Create a progression system where players can advance through levels or ranks by achieving specific objectives or accumulating points. Unlocking higher levels or ranks can provide access to new challenges and rewards.

Tutorials and Help Guides

Include tutorials and help guides to assist new players in learning the game mechanics and improving their skills. This can be especially helpful for players who are unfamiliar with the game of teer.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Ensure that the game is compatible with various devices and platforms, including web browsers, mobile devices, and gaming consoles. This allows players to access the game from different devices seamlessly.

Community Features

Foster a sense of community among players by including features such as forums, chat rooms, and in-game events. Encourage players to interact with each other, share tips, and discuss strategies.

Fair Play Measures

Implement measures to ensure fair play, such as anti-cheat mechanisms and penalties for cheating or exploiting loopholes in the game.

Our Teer Game Services

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Define the concept of your teer game. Decide on the gameplay mechanics, visual style, target audience, and any unique features you want to include.

Market Research

Conduct market research to understand your target audience's preferences, existing competition, and potential opportunities for differentiation.

Game Design

Create a detailed game design document outlining the rules, objectives, levels (if applicable), scoring system, and progression mechanics of your teer game.

Development Platform

Choose the development platform based on your requirements, such as web-based, mobile (iOS/Android), or cross-platform using game development frameworks like Unity or Unreal Engine.


Develop the game using appropriate programming languages and frameworks. Consider factors like performance optimization, multiplayer functionality (if applicable), and integration with backend services for user management, analytics, and in-app purchases.

Support and Updates

Provide ongoing support for your teer game, addressing user feedback, fixing bugs, and releasing regular updates with new content, features, and improvements to keep players engaged and satisfied.

Our Teer Game Development Admin Panel Features

We provide many comprehensive admin Dragon Tiger game features to enable admins to manage the game and everything from the admin panel more efficiently. These features allow you to make all necessary changes or add-ons in the game smoothly without notifying the users.

Dashboard Control

The Dragon Tiger game dashboard feature enables you to track your game performance and allows you to compare your growth with other similar games.

User Management

Admins should be able to manage user accounts, including creating, editing, and deleting accounts. They should also be able to view user details and activity.

Notification Management

Notifications are a vital feature for any online games that allow you to send an update, pop-up messages, and game reminder notifications by the admin panel.

Loyalty Programme Management

This is a great way to give big loyalty rewards to your loyal users who use your platform more than others daily.

Advertisement Management

Through Advertisement management, you can manage your ads within the game. Admin can remove the ads or add them all can be managed through the admin panel control.

Payment & Wallet Management

This admin feature provides complete information about your users' payments. It lets you see how many users have redeemed the coins and bought from your in-game store.

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